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15 of our best performing emails (15)


Make Money Online (7)


Consulting & Coaching (7)


Health & Wellness (7)


Pet Owners & Care (7)


Spirituality & Mindfulness (10)


Cars & Automobiles (7)


Yoga (10)


Wealth & Finance (7)


Internet Marketing (10)


Network Marketing (7)


Video Marketing (7)


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These are real emails that we’ve personally used for our own business that convert like crazy.

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But please note: Every email list is different. Every offer is
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point1 We’ve tested the angles and structure of the emails.

point2 We’ve tested the wording and tone.

point3 We’ve tested the subject lines too.

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You’re getting:

  • 1. 15 of our best performing emails (15)
  • 2. Make Money Online (7)
  • 3. Consulting & Coaching (7)
  • 4. Health & Wellness (7)
  • 5. Pet Owners & Care (7)
  • 6. Spirituality & Mindfulness (10)
  • 7. Cars & Automobiles (7)
  • 8. Yoga (10)
  • 9. Wealth & Finance (7)
  • 10. Internet Marketing (10)
  • 11. Network Marketing (7)
  • 12. Video Marketing (7)

Plus a special bonus:


Our 5 figure affiliate
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Packed with 100+ proven emails that helped us make 5 figures promoting red hot affiliate offers!

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