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Mailzapp is the world’s first and one-of-its-kind artificial intelligence powered, fully featured autoresponder that promises to transform your email marketing, optimize your outreach and maximize conversions. Not only does it reliably sends out your emails and has a powerful automation engine to automate your campaigns, comes with loads of gorgeous templates for your emails and newsletters, but it ALSO has powerful artificial intelligence that WE have built, which manages your campaigns and maximizes open rates for you. This is also a super-intuitive, easy-to-use software that makes email marketing super-fun and attractive again. Email marketing still is – and will continue to be – the holy grail of any online business, and Mailzapp enables you to be perfectly positioned to grow your business using the power of email.

Email Marketing Continues To Be The Most
Powerful Customer Reachout Method For Business Growth

Mailzapp is a must-have
platform for every entrepreneur
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Here are some of

mind-blowing features!

AI & ML developed by us that trains & adapts itself to automatically manage your campaigns and maximize your email open rates

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Test your subject lines before you send out your emails by getting the AI to predict how your subject line will perform

Test Subject Lines

Monitor how your campaigns are performing in real time and get deep, actionable insights

Real Time Metrics

The easiest and most intuitive – yet super powerful – automation builder you’ll ever have used.

Intuitive Automation Builder

Choose from our wide selection of gorgeous templates to create newsletters or email, or just start from scratch and use a blank template.

Templates Galore

The powerful automation also lets you test variants of subject lines for your automated emails against each other and sends the winner to most of your subscribers

AB Split Test Automated Emails

As most of the emails read these days are read on mobile devices, emails that Mailzapp sends out are mobile friendly by default

Mobile Freindly Emails

Mobile friendly sign-up forms allow you to build and grow your list of subscribers fast and reliably

Sign Up Forms

Tag your subscribers based on which list(s) you want them to assign them to and send only those emails to them they’d really want to receive

Interest Tagging

Our algorithms let you send emails based on website behavior so you can send emails that are targeted and timely

Website Behavior Tracking

Structure your list of subscribers by segmenting them such that they best fit your business’ targeting needs


Keep your list of subscribers current and clean and current so only active subscribers are in it –this is best for maximizing open rates

List Cleaning

Drag & Drop
Email Editor

Our powerful drag’n’drop builder allows you to quickly and intuitively create your emails and get them out of the door to your subscribers fast


Get real time feedback from our system if you’re using words in your emails that might trigger spam filters from email service providers and make changes before hitting send


Getting your email to cross all the hurdles and land in your subscribers’ inbox (and not in nirvana) is as much an art as it is a science. Mailzapp’s to the rescue


Email’s a very personal experience, especially for the recipient. Personalize your emails for maximum impact and engagement.

DKIM Authentication

Use the DomainKeys Identified Mail standard to protect both senders and recipients from spam, phishing and spoofing.

Customizable Unsubscribe Page

Customize your unsubscribe page to either get subscribers to stay on, resubscribe or just let unsubscribe in the best possible manner while parting ways

Comprehensive Analytics

In addition to the real time metrics, also get comprehensive insights through overall campaign analytics, automation analytics, form analytics and more

Subscriber Import

Import your list of subscribers as a CSV file if you’re migrating from another autoresponder to the coolest one on Planet Earth –Mailzapp!

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